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Charlton Allen | Atlanta Georgia Criminal Defense & Immigration Attorney


W. Charlton Allen, Esq.
Charlton Allen & Associates, P.C.
4228 1st Avenue Suite 7
Tucker, GA 30085

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Atlanta Criminal Defense – Atlanta Immigration |

Criminal Defense, White Collar Crime, Immigration, Small Business

Charlton Allen specializes in Criminal Defense, DUI, White Collar Crime, Weapons Charges, Drug Charges, Allegations of Sexual Misconduct, Immigration matters, and the representation of Small Businesses.

About Attorney Charlton Allen

With over 16 years as a successful small business owner in the music industry, Mr. Allen, changed his focus to the justice system. His desire was to assist in the navigation of a complex and sometimes confusing process that has become so much a part of current society. Since he opened his law office in 1995, he has concentrated his practice in the areas of criminal defense, juvenile law, small business formation, litigation, tax law and tax crimes. With the increase of immigration issues overlapping with criminal laws, Mr. Allen has recently begun working in the area of immigration law. He is known for handling all his cases with expertise, passion and understanding as well as obtaining the best possible outcome for his clients. Mr. Allen has a long and proven track record of success.

Family Law
Whether you are facing divorce, need to take action on issues that have arisen after divorce, or need dependable counsel and representation to deal with child custody, paternity questions, support, domestic violence or a stepparent adoption, we can help.

Criminal Defense
We defend client’s rights across the spectrum of allegations from traffic violations and DUI to white collar crimes, sex offenses, weapons and drug charges, and violent felonies. We also represent minors in juvenile court.

With immigration issues overlapping more and more often with criminal law, Mr. Allen has developed a niche in immigration law, whether or not criminal charges are involved. To protect your rights, call us.

Small Business
We are experts in small business formation, negotiation and litigation, and can be your counsel and guide through the legal landscape.

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W. Charlton Allen, Esq.